My Favorite Travel Gear

I love pouring over the travel lists of the young and adorable. The sweet, pretty and impractical footwear of those without bunions, the tight and clingy yoga pants on the slender legs, and the enormous and impractical hillbilly hats for those oh so predictable follow me darling shots.

But let’s face it, we’re over fifty and we want to be comfortable-damnit!

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My walking shoes of choice are:

The feather light SKECHERS GOwalk Lite Isla. At just under 5 ounces each, this comfortable walking shoe will not add much weight to your carry on limit. They take up less room in your luggage and look just a tad more polished then a traditional sneaker. Incorporating their Goga Max® insole for comfortable cushioning, your feet will feel less tired at the end of a long day. Try to find the ones with the attached laces for even more convenience.

I have been wearing Diba Eli Booties for years. I find them to be comfortable (Although in full disclosure I do add an insole to this bootie for maximum comfort) and lightweight-at just under one pound each, and with the mid-rise boot they are small enough to pack easily. Dressy enough to wear to dinner, they also add support for my ankles on cobbled streets. Made of suede, they are easy to clean after a day of stomping around the dusty vineyards of France.

For warmer climates I add a pair of Sanuk Yoga Sling sandals. Because they are made out of actual Yoga mats, the sole is suuuuper comfortable. I find that the gentle upward tilt of the front of the sandal keeps me from catching my shoe and doing a faceplant on those uneven surfaces on historic streets. 

I am obsessed with 32° clothing. I first found the t-shirts at Costco but ended up buying other items from the 32° website. The t-shirts come in a variety of colors (I have them all) and are crazy comfortable. The “Moisture wicking technology,” will keep you cool in the summer. They are great for handwashing and dry quickly with very little wrinkling. Add a scarf or necklace to dress the t-shirts up for dinner. The only con, the white t-shirt is just too transparent for me, I use those more for undershirts. I also have several of the long sleeve versions for fall and winter travel. For light packers, these whisper light t-shirts can do double duty as a nightshirt, they’re just that comfortable!

Sometimes it’s hard to find a good pair of pants that travel well and look stylish. I am a big fan of Macy’s Alfani Pant. This pant with its slim design, tummy control waist, wash and wear practicality, and stretch fabric, make it the perfect go to pant for me. I am comfortable wearing these for air travel, a destination dinner, or just when I want to look a little more fashionable walking around a city. They also come in a Capri style with multiple color choices and are sold in regular, petite, and plus sizes. The con, they can be a little too hot when it is warm out because of the rayon / nylon / spandex fabric blend.

Because of back issues (I am over 50) I don’t travel with a backpack, so in addition to a fanny back (I am unashamed that I just admitted that!) or a small sling bag, I have a wonderful jacket that has traveled with me for years. Made in a “military” style, which translates into loads of pockets. I can stash my sunglasses, tissues, chapstick, or other small items in these pockets. My advice would be to find one with snaps or zippers on the pockets to deter thieves.

Here I am wearing the pants, boots, and jacket that I’ve featured

For air travel I’m obsessed OBSESSED with finding just the right personal carry on bag. Again, because of back issues I cannot carry a bag over my shoulder for very long so I prefer a roller bag for my personal items too.

There are very few options on the market for small underseat bags with wheels but I’ve found an adequate one in the Eagle Creek Expanse™ Wheeled Tote Carry-On 

The bag’s dimensions are: 13.75 x 8.5 x 14.5 inches; and it weighs only 4.9 pounds. There are only two wheels on this bag, but they do not protrude from the bottom, which saves space when the bag is placed under the seat.

It has a sturdy sleeve that easily slips over luggage handles to piggyback on a larger suitcase. And a front organizer that holds an E-Reader, phone, pens, keys, or other flat items. It is not a 100% ideal bag, the side water bottle holder can be too small, there are no straps in the large inside area, and it does not fit under the aisle seat on every plane, but it is a great personal item bag if you don’t sit in an aisle seat like I do!

One of my favorite travel hacks is the multi-port USB charging station. Like this one found on Amazon. This unit comes in very handy when my husband and I are fighting for outlets to charge our myriad of devices. Now I only need one outlet, and the bonus is that I don’t have to transport all of the different wall plug-USB converters, I only need the USB cables. And when I travel outside of the United States, I only need one universal adapter.

Everyone has their favorite style of earbuds, these just happen to be mine. Taotronics headphones . They are wireless, Bluetooth capable, noise cancelling, and the two ear pieces magnetically clasp together to form a “necklace” so no more dropping your earplugs between the seats!


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