About Me: Why I Like To Cross

On the walls of my childhood bedroom, among the posters of kittens, and Shaun Cassidy, I had a poster showing a forked, tree shaded lane.

The words, “I took the road less traveled, but each must find his own,” was scrolled underneath the photo. I know now that these words were a play on the famous Robert Frost poem, “The Road Not Taken” but back then, to the little girl in her room, it just meant that there were “roads” out there leading to someplace else.

passport page photo (2)

As the years passed, the posters were replaced by stamps in my passport, and I have discovered that the little girl was right. The road does indeed lead to someplace else for those who chose to travel it. Welcome to Saintcrossroads, a blog about the adventures of me and my family.

While I try to add interesting facts, and helpful links to my blog posts, I am a narrative style of writer, I am a storyteller. Please pardon the inappropriate use of commas.

I hope you enjoy!



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